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This Regulatory Affairs Manual consists of the Policies and supporting Programs/Procedures/Guidelines that the Regulatory Affairs Department has created to aid Fisher Scientific and Fisher owned businesses in their efforts to comply with applicable regulations and to reduce risks to their business operations. Environmental, Safety and Health, and Product regulatory issues at the federal, state, and local levels are addressed. Each area is differentiated numerically; Series 100-Environmental; Series 200-Safety & Health, etc. Programs and associated Forms are numbered to match the Policy that each supports. All items are labeled either mandatory or discretionary and sites that do not follow the material labeled mandatory are considered to be out of compliance with that Fisher Policy/Program/Procedure.

NOTE: Legacy Fisher policies, programs, and forms are being converted over to Thermo Fisher policies and forms. As items are moved over, the links will be removed from this page. Next to the policy, program, or form will be where the new Thermo Fisher policy and/or form can be located on Please save the new version of the policy, program, or form from


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